Valentine’s Day

I’d like to do a “romantic” carving for Valentine’s day. Yes, I know it is a Christian holiday, derived from the history of Saint Valentine writing letters to people encouraging them to love each other. Somehow that molted into the lavish statements of Eros we have today.

I added “Valentine” to the key words on the “Heart of David” carving on Etsy. I am curious to see if it attracts any interest.


By the way, the chorus I sing with is selling Singing Valentines. We send a quartet anywhere in the Boston area and express love to a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or probably even and ex. You pick the place, private or public, workplace or during a special dinner. Check out our Singing Valentine’s site. Carvings by Carl has no association, but I’m the co√∂rdinator this year.


I showed a Seder plate to a shop manager today. Great feedback, which underscored the value of letting people help create their own look.

For instance, the letters in the item locations are all rotated so that the PESACH is at the center. Many Seder plates have the labels parallel, so they all can be easily read from one place. When I’ve asked about this feature, I find that about 60% of people prefer the letters to line up with each other, and 40% prefer them to radiate from the center. With some customization interface, this could be determined as part of customizing a plate.

Custom carving to order caries more obvious value, and it could be more fun for me, too. I like making things specially for people who want them. It may soon be time engineer the user interface that enables selecting options, and quickly renders images with the particular selected collection of features.

I’ll be at Limmud Boston

Coming on December 2, 2012 is Limmud Boston, a one-day exploration of Jewish learning, with teachers from around the world, sharing ideas of every nature. I think of it as a Jewish TED conference, without the elitism. Information is at the Limmud Boston web site.

I will be exhibiting at Limmud, and preparations are in full swing. What better place for a public coming-out party? I hope to see you there.