Peace in the workshop

Good evening, and welcome to my workshop.

Tonight, I’m testing out the new design of the 11″ Seder plate.

I love this process — trying a new design, and watching it emerge from the wood.

When I was a photographer, or more specifically when I worked in my darkroom with all that magical wet chemistry, there was a moment that always touched my sense of awe. I would expose the paper, slide it into the developer, and nothing would happen. Nothing. Finally, through the light brown developer I would see first the darkest shadows, then the complete image emerge from the paper. As the image met reality, there was a perfect fusion of the technique and the vision, the practice and the art, the left and right brains in harmony.

So too, this gives me that same sense of personal balance. The Seder plate begins to emerge: Seder plate forms under the cutter

Doing this using a machine I built with my own hands, forming a design from my own vision, through countless stages of artistic and technical refinement truly places my life in harmony.

This plate, or one similar to it, is available through my store.

If you have a thought, drop me a line.

— Carl

Welcome to Carvings by Carl

This web site describes my work, and perhaps will wrestle with the intrinsic conflict between right brain and left brain pursuits.

The work I do here is personal, technical, creative, and spiritual.  Over time, and perhaps in response to interest from you, I will discuss the various aspects of my work.

This site is a personal blog, and also a commercial site.  My work is available through my store at this link, where some designs are shown.

I welcome opportunities to create a new design from your inspiration, or to customize an existing design to please you. If you want something special, let’s talk.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you for visiting,

— Carl