Wide Cherry

At this moment, I have no wide cherry wood ready for carving. I have some other species, and hope to have a small shipment of cherry soon.

The wide wood for the 15 1/2 ” carvings is much harder to find than the wood for the 11″ carvings.

My sources for wide wood usually have other, more exotic species available also. If your tastes go to bubinga, wenge, butternut, purpleheart, or other beautiful woods, drop me a note.

Cherry is a Beautiful Wood

Ok, this is no surprise to anyone, but cherry is beautiful.

Tonight I put the first coat of polyurethane on an 11″ cherry Seder plate. I had spent much of the afternoon sanding and smoothing, watching the wood change as I moved up the grits. The Seder plate was smooth with some warmth, but the color was disappointing. It looked pale, with almost no color.

Then, the poly hit the wood, the color popped, and the grain took on shining depth. The plate bloomed like the sunrise.

— Carl