Will I see you at Limmud Boston?

Limmud Boston is coming this weekend, beginning with Shabbat eve activities spread throughout greater Boston, and culminating is a full day of intense and varied Jewish learning.

Limmud Boston is the first time I’ll have carvings with me, and have a chance to meet you in person.

Over the forty years of my professional life, I’ve developed many products, and attended trade shows in the US and Europe to personally discuss these products with customers. Every time I come back with ideas. Every time I’ve come back energized and excited.

Every time, I’ve gone with total confidence that the products were valuable, and the best that we could make. This time is not different. I am proud of my product. I’m confident that others will see the value.

Yet, this time I am acting on my own. I designed the carvings. I designed, fabricated, and programmed the equipment. My hands have performed the final steps, applied the finishes, caressed the wood as the surface seems to soften under each finer grit of sandpaper. My eyes have witnessed the wood come alive under finish. Without a team, other than Barbara, I will stand alone at my table, eager to meet each of you face-to-face.

Cherry is Here, and Different, Again.

Thank you for stopping by.

I have, again, Cherry for the large carvings. I also again face the beautiful reality that every carving, even those based on the same design, is unique.


Especially in the large sizes, the slabs are fairly rare. There are only a few saw mills in the US that cut and stock wood of the size I need, and they don’t carry “lumber” of those sizes. Instead, I buy a slab or flitch, typically with live edges. These are not of uniform width, aren’t closely cut to size, and the thickness seems to change with the day.

Further, the standard for measuring thickness seems rather loose. In the case of finished lumber, the thickness is the stated thickness, minus 1/4″. So, 5/4 lumber measures 1″ thick. 6/4 lumber measures 1 1/4″ thick.

With Slabs and flitches, it varies. Sometimes 6/4 material is 1 1/2″. Sometimes it is thicker, and needs to be planed to the thinner size. Sometimes, it is thinner, closer to the 1 1/4″ of finished lumber.

How does this affect the carvings?

I adjust the design to suit the wood, perhaps by cutting deeper, or changing angles. I think I will also start cutting the designs to match the width, rather than staying with a common size. This opens the design possibilities, but makes it more difficult to describe what I can make. Expect to see some changes in the store to reflect the variety.

If you are inclined, send a note or comment.

— Carl

I’ll be at Limmud Boston

Coming on December 2, 2012 is Limmud Boston, a one-day exploration of Jewish learning, with teachers from around the world, sharing ideas of every nature. I think of it as a Jewish TED conference, without the elitism. Information is at the Limmud Boston web site.

I will be exhibiting at Limmud, and preparations are in full swing. What better place for a public coming-out party? I hope to see you there.