Time for the Left Brain

Hello, and thank you for being here.

We’re deep into Channuka now, so why am I still talking about Seder plates? It turns out that Limmud brought me a custom order for a large Seder plate. I make my own variations, but hadn’t formalized the process with someone else, so I had to set up the work flow to make that possible. The process is pretty simple, actually. We talked about the desires for the design, and I made an electronic mock-up. The customer reviewed the design, and gave approval to proceed. I sent frequent photos showing the work in progress. That is all in order now, the Seder plate has been delivered.

Now, my attention turns to the technical aspects of this — specifically maintain, improving, and calibrating the machine I built.

Here the emphasis switches from smoothness, sanding, and finishing, to bearings, beams, and variables. We move from wood working to engineering — from art to math.