Will I see you at Limmud Boston?

Limmud Boston is coming this weekend, beginning with Shabbat eve activities spread throughout greater Boston, and culminating is a full day of intense and varied Jewish learning.

Limmud Boston is the first time I’ll have carvings with me, and have a chance to meet you in person.

Over the forty years of my professional life, I’ve developed many products, and attended trade shows in the US and Europe to personally discuss these products with customers. Every time I come back with ideas. Every time I’ve come back energized and excited.

Every time, I’ve gone with total confidence that the products were valuable, and the best that we could make. This time is not different. I am proud of my product. I’m confident that others will see the value.

Yet, this time I am acting on my own. I designed the carvings. I designed, fabricated, and programmed the equipment. My hands have performed the final steps, applied the finishes, caressed the wood as the surface seems to soften under each finer grit of sandpaper. My eyes have witnessed the wood come alive under finish. Without a team, other than Barbara, I will stand alone at my table, eager to meet each of you face-to-face.