Contact Me

It is important to me that you are able to reach me. I am a person — not a web site, or a store front, or some anonymous on-line entity. Here are some ways:

Email This is a good way to reach me, as I will usually get your email within a few hours. I’ll respond when I get your mail so you know I’ve gotten it.
Paper mail
Carl Mikkelsen
Carvings by Carl
5 Oxbow Road
Wayland, MA  01778
Although it takes longer, this is where physical objects should be sent. If you need to return something, this is the address. If you mail me a check or custom artwork, mail it here.
Telephone (508) 276-0345 This phone number reaches me. I would appreciate it if you phone here at reasonable times in the Eastern United States.
Amateur Radio K1UZK I don’t spend much time on the air, but if you’d like to attempt a QSO, send me an email. The shack has antennas for 160, 80, 40, 20, 6, and 2.